Marcos, Collette and Max start from Paris at 60s, to attempt a journey by car in today Greece. Through meetings with various mythical and imaginary people, go through the relaxation of youth to the maturity.

Written & Directed by: Nikos Panayotopoulos

Co-written by: Zahos Papazahariou

Producer: Nicholas Alavanos


Starring: Doukissa Nomikou

Starring: Nikos Kouris

Starring: Dimitris Katalifos

Starring: Adrian Frieling

Starring: Dimitris Piatas

Starring: Pavlos Haikalis

Starring: Takis Spyridakis

Starring: Stamatis Fasoulis

Starring: Akilas Karazisis

Starring: Lefteris Voyatzis

Starring: Stathis Livathinos

Starring: Zano Konstadinidis

Starring: Nikos Morfonios

Starring: Makis Papadimitriou

Starring: Stergios Paschos

Starring: Maria Powell

Starring: Konstantinos Samaras

Starring: Andreas Staikos

Starring: Eva Stefani

Starring: Vasilis Vasilikos

Cinematographer: Kostas Gikas

Art Direction: Dionysis Fotopoulos

Costume Design by: Marianna Spanoudakis

Edited by: Nikos Pastras

Production Manager: Maria Powell

1st AD: Konstantinos Samaras

2nd AD: Elias Papastamatiou

Sound Recordist: Orestis Kaberidis

Sound Editor: Giannis Giannakopoulos

Sound Mixer: Costas Fylaktidis

Release date: 2013